Curriculum & Programs

A Curriculum that Helps Children Excel

At Tutor Time, we believe all children are intelligent. Our Whole Child Education approach focuses on nurturing that innate intelligence through hands-on active learning and opportunities for self-expression and peer relationships.

Our exclusive Tutor Time® LifeSmart™ curriculum is based on the belief that children are intelligent in many different ways. We call these ways "Smarts." Aligned with standards set forth by national accrediting associations, our curriculum helps children expand on their own unique gifts in our eight "Smarts," which are:

  • WordSmart: Reading, writing and telling stories
  • MathSmart: Logical thinking, patterns and numbers
  • BodySmart: Expression through one's body, movement and physical activity
  • DesignSmart®: Visualization, building, drawing and design
  • MusicSmart: Rhythm, signing and creating music
  • NatureSmart®: In tune with physical world and living things
  • PeopleSmart: Working in groups, sensitivity to others, leadership
  • MeSmart: In touch with personal feelings and thoughts

Our classrooms are arranged with more intention than a typical child-care environment. They include 11 learning centers full of ways for children to explore and investigate all eight of the ways they are smart, and to build problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Tutor Time teachers supplement these experiences with large and small group activities that give children the tools they need to grow and develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

Real results

Tutor Time is one of the few early education providers that conduct formal assessments of its child-care curriculum. Using Galileo -- an online tool developed by Assessment Technology Inc. -- we evaluate the progress of thousands of children enrolled in our programs. Results showed that children attending Tutor Time made substantial gains in their learning and development, and have the educational skills needed for a successful transition into kindergarten. In fact, it showed that in just six months, children in our programs made gains usually expected after a full year.

Special Programs

Our "Happy Feet" soccer skill classes are offered to our preschool and pre-kindergarten children during school hours every wednesday, for a nominal monthly fee. Our "Jump Bunch" sports and fitness program is offered to our toddlers, twaddlers and prepper children during school hours every thursday, for a nominal monthly fee. The skills provided in these programs helps to build your child's social skills, self-esteem and motor development.